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Looking For Mount Hood Oregon? We Have Almost Everything on eBay. Get Mount Hood Oregon With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay The ammunition ship USS Mount Hood was responsible for supplying ammunition to hundreds of ships from the United States Third Fleet in Seeadler Harbor. On N.. Mount Defiance (about 500,000 years old) on the south side of the Columbia River gorge and Lost Lake Butte northwest of Mount Hood are two examples of shield volcanoes. In addition one such shield volcano, the 425,000- year-old Cloud Cap volcano, erupted on the north flank of Hood from a vent only 5 kilometers or less from Hood's summit The explosion of the USS Mount Hood (AE-11) in Seeadler Harbor, Manus, Admiralty Islands on November 10, 1944. The smoke trails are left by fragments ejected by the explosion. The explosion was not due to enemy action; its cause has never been determined The initial explosion aboard U.S.S. MOUNT HOOD had caused flame and smoke to shoot up from amidships to more than masthead height then, within seconds, the bulk of the cargo of ammunition was set off with a more intense explosion

Explosion of USS Mount Hood (AE 11) at Seeadler Harbor

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  1. USS Mount Hood (AE-11) was the lead ship of her class of ammunition ships for the United States Navy in World War II.She was the first ship named after Mount Hood, a volcano in the Cascade Range in Oregon.On 10 November 1944, shortly after 18 men had departed for shore leave, the rest of the crew were killed when the ship exploded in Seeadler Harbor at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea
  2. Explosion der Mount Hood Am Morgen des 10. November 1944 lag die Mount Hood im Seeadler Harbour in etwa 11 Meter tiefem Wasser und Munition wurde von Bord des Schiffs auf neun Landungsboote und eine Schute, die längsseits der Mount Hood lagen, umgeladen. Gegen 8:55 Uhr ereignete sich eine erste Explosion an Bord des Munitionstransportschiffes
  3. At 0855 on 10 November 1944 in Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island, Admiralty Islands (near New Guinea), an explosion occurred amidships near the Number 3 and Number 4 holds on the new ammunition ship USS Mount Hood (AE-11). Moments later, a massive blast of the 3,800 tons of ordnance aboard obliterated the ship and killed every one of her over 300-man crew who were aboard
  4. Mount Hood is considered the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, though based on its history, an explosive eruption is unlikely. Still, the odds of an eruption in the next 30 years are estimated at between 3 and 7%, so the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) characterizes it as potentially active, but the mountain is informally considered dormant
  5. Mount Hood von Portland aus gesehen Der Stratovulkan Mount Hood liegt etwa 70 km östlich von Portland im US-Bundesstaat Oregon. Mit 3425 m ist er der höchste Berg in Oregon und der vierthöchste der Kaskadenkette. Er liegt an der Grenze zwischen den Countys Clackamas und Hood River

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If you live or work in Portland, you are probably aware that Mount Hood isn't that far away. What you might be less aware of is that Mount Hood is an active volcano and could, potentially, reawaken.. United States Nav just walking down the street, minding my own business, when I captured this historic momen Mount Hood was anchored in approximately 35 feet of water. the force of the explosion blasted a trench in the harbor bottom, reported by divers as 1000 feet long, 200 feet wide and 85 feet maximum depth. In the trench was found the largest piece of the ship's hull- a piece less than 100 feet in it's longest dimension. Destruction was complete. Nothing was found after the explosion except.

Mount Hood's last major eruption occurred in the 1790's not long before Lewis and Clark's expedition to the Pacific Northwest. In the mid-1800's, local residents reported minor explosive activity, but since that time the volcano has been quiet. Someday, however, Mount Hood will erupt again Summary of Mt Hood's geologic history (from the USGS Open-File Report 97-89) Mount Hood volcano. stratovolcano 3426 m / 11,240 ft Oregon, Canada and USA (mainland), 45.37°N / -121.7°W Current status: normal or dormant (1 out of 5) Mt Hood 75 km ESE of Portland is Oregon's highest peak and one of the most prominent of the Cascades volcanoes. It is probably the only volcano in Oregon which has.

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USS Mount Hood (AE-11) -- Explosion, 11 [sic 10] November 1944 via Wayback Machine November 13, 2014 Navy Historical Center - USS Mount Hood (AE-11), 1944-1944 via Wayback Machine November 24, 2014 USS Mount Hood explosion and official investigation and Eyewitness Accounts by Survivors via Wayback Machine January 15, 2017 NavSource - USS Mount Hood (AE-11) HullNumber - USS Mt. Hood (AE-11. Per your request, what follows are my (still vivid) recollections of the Mt. Hood explosion. If you feel that they are fitting as a memorial to the men of the Hood, do feel free to use them. In particular, the reference to the Chaplain's demand, in my recounting, may lend a bit of closure to anyone personally and emotionally connected to this sad happening; especially if this small fact. Explosion of USS Mount Hood (AE-11) in Seeadler Harbor, Manus, Admiralty Islands, 10 November 1944 Salvage and rescue work underway on USS Mindanao (ARG-3) shortly after Mount Hood blew up about 350 yards away. Note heavy damage to Mindanao's hull and superstructure, including large holes from fragment impacts. View looks forward from alongside her port quarter. USS Mindanao had 180 crewmen.

Beautiful Mount Hood, Oregon. Also rumbling away. 36 years ago today (May 18, 2016), Mount Saint Helens in beautiful Washington State quite literally blew its top off. Just recently there have been significant rumblings under the mountain and throughout the chain of volcanos here in the magnificent Pacific Northwest. Obwohl der Mount Hood keine explosive Vergangenheit besitzt, bedeutet das nicht, dass der 3.420 Meter hohe Berg völlig ruhig ist. Einstürze des Lavadoms am Crater Rock vor 1.500 Jahren und nochmals vor 220 Jahren schickte siedend heiße Lawinen aus Lavagestein die Südseite des Vulkans hinunter, betonte Kent. Diese Ereignisarten haben die eruptive Aktivität am Mound Hood während der. The explosion was heard more than 150 miles away. And no one who was in the region at the time ever forgot it. Below, on the 40th anniversary of the event, some of the witnesses to Mount St.

Summary. Mount Hood has erupted episodically for about 500,000 years and hosted two major eruptive periods during the past 1,500 years. During both recent eruptive periods, growing lava domes high on the southwest flank collapsed repeatedly to form pyroclastic flows and lahars that were distributed primarily to the south and west along the Sandy River and its tributaries Explosion of USS Mount Hood (AE-11) at Seeadler Harbor on 10 November 1944.jpg 5,625 × 4,480; 7.3 MB. Eyewitness account of the USS Mount Hood explosion .jpg 2,520 × 2,160; 652 KB. USS Mount Hood (AE-11) explodes at Seeadler Harbor on 10 November 1944.jpg 5,685 × 4,260; 6.68 MB. USS Mount Hood (AE-11) explodes at Seeadler Harbor on 11 November 1944.jpg 5,438 × 3,330; 5.57 MB. USS Mount. Mount Hood has an estimated 3,000 tons of explosives on board, and except for a working party from the ship that is ashore at the time, her entire ship´s company perishes. The force of the explosion blasts a trough in the harbor floor longer than the length of a football field and 50 feet wide and 30 to 40 feet deep. Some fragments land more. USS Mount Hood and all personnel on board had disappeared. The force of the explosion blasted a trough in the ocean floor more than 100 yards long, 50 feet wide and from 30 to 40 feet deep directly below the position of USS Mount Hood. No fragments could be found on the ocean floor larger than bits of metal 16 feet by 10 feet

USS Mount Hood and crew lost in massive explosion

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